Janz B & B Germany guest house Host/Hostess

  • Kandern, Germany
  • Years of Experience Required: None
  • Boarding: No
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: Please inquire

About the Janz B & B Germany guest house Host/Hostess Position

Janz B&B’s goal is to provide a warm and welcoming English speaking environment and bed and breakfast type service for guests. The host & hostess are responsible to work as part of a team to coordinate and manage the daily operations of the 14-bed guest house in a way that provides a pleasant place of rest and refreshment for all who visit.

Reports to: National Director, TeachBeyond Deutschland

Relates to: Co-Hosts


Education & Experience: * Basic understanding of budgeting and accounting * Exposure to cross-cultural living preferred * Hospitality is a part of current lifestyle

Skills: * Work comfortably in a cross-cultural situation, maintaining relationships with guests, staff and administration. * Excellent verbal communication skills, with proven ability to communicate with a variety of audiences across cultures. * Organizational skills and the ability to order priorities with efficiency reflected in good work habits and a sound work ethic. * Possess verbal and written communication skills required to make guest reservations, track arrival and departure times, prepare billings and collect payments. * Ability to plan and prepare breakfast for a varied number of guests. * Physical fitness for two flights of stairs daily and carrying of luggage and supplies weighing up to 40lbs (18kg). * German language skills are an advantage.

Personal: * Mature Christian * Active participant in a local church * A perceptive and empathetic listener * Personal integrity, family commitment, positive outlook and a love for people

1. Maintain records of guest arrival and departure dates and times. Regularly check email account to make and confirm reservations.

2. Work with co-hosts in planning weekly breakfast menus, estimating food requirements, purchasing supplies, and preparing and serving meals.

3. Plan and perform maintenance activities such as cleaning, laundry, preparing guest rooms, maintaining the grounds and minor repairs.

4. Organize day-to-day activities involved in providing hospitality, ensuring smooth operation and a happy, homelike atmosphere.

5. May assist with special arrangements for conference or large groups, including extra meals and use of meeting space.

6. May host events planned for local TeachBeyond missionaries.

7. Empathizes, listens and cares for the needs of guests who may arrive tired and in need of care and encouragement.

8. Interact with guests during breakfast, tea time and in the evening. Provide a welcoming space for guests to gather and interact with hosts and one another.

9. Collect guest information needed to maintain accurate financial records, provide guest billing statements and collect payment. Work with TeachBeyond to provide the information needed to accurately complete bookkeeping and comply with German laws and regulations.

10. Maintains and operates the facility in compliance with German laws and regulations.

11. Maintain personal financial and support relationships with sending churches, supporters and family.
Duties and responsibilities performed within one’s capabilities that do not constitute a major change may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of the supervisor either orally or in writing.

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